The problem of Miami Burmese Pythons in South Florida

The Florida Burmese python, scientifically known as python bivittatus is known to have its first home in Asia. The southern part of Asia happens to be the native land for almost all snakes that exist on this earth. With time, the Burmese python is said to have made its way into the south part of Florida where it has bred to uncontrollable populations. One of the theories that explain the growth of Burmese python population in Florida says that throughout the past years, smugglers have brought the Burmese pythons into Florida and as a result, the breeding has grown so fast.

Places where the Burmese pythons live
The main location where these pythons may be found is in Everglades Park. In this park, the Miami pythons are left free to interact with the environment around them and hence have an opportunity to breed freely. For this reason, the Burmese pythons have grown into large populations that have become a challenge to the citizens of Florida.

Problems caused by the Burmese python in South Florida
There are numerous problems that have come along with the raising python population in South Florida. Some of these problems include the following;
• There has been a drastic decline in the number of mammals that exist in South Florida. As we all know, snakes are carnivores and hence rely on flesh from other animals for their survival. In Florida, the Burmese python has feed on almost all other animals in the state.
• There has been an increase in the number of snake bite cases in South Florida. The Miami Burmese python is a venomous snake and hence bites from such a snakes may be very dangerous especially to human being.
The Burmese python has been considered as a threat to Florida by the United States Interior Department due to the problems it brings to human existence.

Due to the problems that the Burmese pythons have brought into Florida, the United States Department of Interior has made banns on snake importation for a couple of years now in order to help them control the already uncontrollable snake population.

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